Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a Shift Membership?

Any tenants of Beacon buildings offering Shift can join. All you need is your work email address to register. Sign up for your complimentary membership here today!

Do I have to be a Shift Member to participate in Shift events?

Yes. Signing up is easy (click here) – you’ll create a profile and then have a full view of the events offered on-site at your location and online through Shift@Home.

Are there new Shift events every month?

Yes! We introduce new and exciting events based on member requests, trending topics, and relevant local offerings with each release of our calendar.

How do I find out about Shift events and classes in my building?

There are a few ways: keep an eye out for our informative Shift e-blasts, login to your profile to view our monthly calendar, and also follow us on Instagram here for real-time scoops on all things Shift.

Does Shift offer options for employees that are working remotely?

Indeed we do. Once you have signed up to become a Shift Member, you will have access to our bespoke, on-demand video library that houses recordings of many of our Shift@Home classes. In some cases, there may be virtual events offered that you may sign-up to attend live!

Do all Beacon properties offer Shift?

At this time, we are offering Shift only at select Beacon locations throughout the country…but we will be expanding, so please keep an eye out for us!

Do all Shift fitness classes take place in the on-site gym/fitness center in my building? Do I need to be a member of both to participate in Shift classes?

On-site property fitness centers require their own membership for use, which is separate from your complimentary Shift membership. In some cases, Shift classes may be held within an on-site fitness center; in those instances, only a Shift membership is required for entry and participation.

How is Shift responding to COVID-19 protocols?

Shift is responding to and upholding COVID-19 health and safety guidelines based on local guidance in each market. Each building’s Property Management office can provide full details on these local regulations which are subject to change at any time.